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Merchant Funding USA is a leader in providing small to medium size businesses the ability to obtain cash advances in a hurry. Our advanced program offers an alternative to small business loans, which require lengthy processing or are simply unattainable. Merchant Funding USA provides businesses the funding they need to expand- you simply pay back the cash advance as you watch your thriving operation grow.

We provide funding by purchasing future Visa and Mastercard receivables at a discounted rate. Merchant funding can be used for many business needs such as renovations, upgrading equipment, marketing campaigns, discounted inventory, cash advance emergencies (such as making payroll) and many other business needs. Merchant Funding USA is dedicated to making your business cash advance transactions secure, honest, and uncomplicated. We offer merchant funding for restaurants, trucking companies, bars, and hotels, financing working capital against their future cash flow.Our sophisticated program is fast, simple and can give your business a cash
advance approval within 48 hours. Our strong foundation of business funding allows us to provide from $10,000 to over $10 million. You pay nothing to get started, so apply today.

Know more about our Funding Process
  Merchant Funding USA offers some of the most competitive rates available. Our application process is fast, simple and we can provide fast business cash advances even if your credit is less than perfect. There are no hidden fees, no closing costs, no finance charges and the funding is not reported to credit bureaus. This is not a loan. You will not be laden with long-term debt or high interest payments. A business cash advance works by allowing you to borrow against the future earnings of your business rather than your personal credit or collateral. The advancement is then paid back by deducting a small fee from your Visa/Mastercard receivables until the cash advance has been paid. Other revenue transactions using cash, checks and other credit cards are exempt. Repayment is fully automatic and convenient to you.
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